Oh hey guys, what's up?  Welcome to The Creative Wild.  This is my very first post, to be followed by many more.  I'm a full-time photographer who just recently cut the umbilical of the 9-5 soul-sucking job to venture out into the wilderness that is life as a full-time creative.  It's been mostly awesome, with the odd terrifying moment. I can't wait to share all that is good about this new life, with a little bit of "lessons I've learned" on side.  But I promise to keep that crap to a minimum, and it'll only be for the purpose of helping others.  Or providing an opportunity for you all to point and laugh at my stupidity.  Either way, I'll be happy to have you along for the ride.

What can you expect?  Lots of awesome, creative, and inspiring things.  Projects, videos, adventures, guest bloggers, interviews, features. Stay tuned. :)

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