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Everyone once in a while you stumble across something that just makes you stop, look, and then your heart melts into a puddle of mushy love.  This is exactly what happened when I first saw the work of MiKa Art.  In a cynical world, her art pieces are so completely and unapologetically loving and precious.  It's incredibly refreshing and reminds us all, even if just for a moment, about the really important stuff.

MiKa (which is her name) is a painter/illustrator/graphic designer based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  MiKa was born and raised in Northern Japan where, during the winter months, she would make things.  Her innate curiosity and desire to explore and experience new things fuels her creativity and after arriving in Canada, she began to sell her work via the internet.  MiKa attributes the internet to being the vehicle which made her success possible, and that the internet "opened the door" for her to start her creative business.  She sells her prints, art, small accessories and decorative objects on Etsy, Zazzle, and Society 6, to buyers from all over the world.

MiKa works from her home-based studio and cites her dog as being the number one thing she needs to fuel her creativity.  The simple act of walking her dog around her neighbourhood is enough to refresh her, body and soul.  She describes her dog as "a great companion who teaches and reminds me of the simple happiness of life."

I asked MiKa a few questions about her creative biz and she was kind enough to give us some insight into how MiKa Art runs.

What is your favourite part of your creative process?

The beginning of every project – when I’m sketching out whatever is in my mind. 

What challenges do you face in your creative business and how do you overcome them?

“Business” part. “Creative” and “Good Customer Service” parts are familiar to me. But “Business” part is something I have to keep learning every day.

Where would you like to see your creative business in 10 years?

I would like to say “I'm in the empire business.” 

Who are your creative inspirations?

Beavers. I recommend the documentary “Leave It to Beavers” to anyone. The beavers are super hard working, very skilled at what they do, and family-oriented. 

Thanks for hanging out with us, MiKa!  To see more of MiKa's work and to buy some of these cuties for yourself, check out her Etsy page, website, or Zazzle page.

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All images courtesy of MiKa Art

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