A Taco Adventure

Hey creatives.

Yesterday the day started out the same as most days.  With my husband talking about wanting food of some kind.  Yesterday was tacos.

We live about a half an hour outside of the city of Ottawa, so we don't get downtown all that often.  I use to drive the soul-sucking commute from one side of the city to the other, through psychotic drivers (some days I was one of them), winter storm, and endless construction.  Needless to say, I developed an aversion to driving anywhere in and around that place.  I'm slowly getting over it.  Luckily for TJ and his taco craving, I was headed into the city anyway to take back a lens I had rented for the wedding I shot on the weekend.  The taco adventure was born.

Now friends, I have to say that one of the biggest perks of both TJ and I being self-employed (he's a realtor), is that we get to spend quite a bit of time together and do these goofy, fun things during the week when most people are at work.  We often revel at how lucky we feel to be able to do things like this.  I should note however, that both being self-employed comes with it's downsides as well, but that's for another day.  Back to taco adventures!

Rumour has it the best tacos in the city are at El Camino, not far from where I was dropping off the lens.  Perfect.  We headed there, with TJ as excited as a kid on his way to the candy store, only to find out that they're not open on Mondays.  Wait, what?  How is a restaurant in downtown Ottawa closed on a Monday?  Anyway, the adventure was revised as I said good-bye to the $2.50 I paid for an hour parking near Elgin Street.  A quick google on our phones told us that another stellar mexican restaurant in the city is Ahora.  So off to the Byward market we went.  Cue photos.

Beautiful lilac blooms and they smelled amazing!  It's an important life lesson.  Stop to smell the lilacs.  Or roses, or whatever.

I sometimes feel like the whole city is under construction.  There's just no escaping it.  Is anything really getting better if no one can enjoy it because of construction?  One of life's great unanswered questions.

Off in the distance I caught a glimpse of Parliament Hill and the Library of Parliament.  For those following along from different parts of the world, this is where all of the important decisions are made in our country.  Like the White House for my America folks.  If the White House was owned by the Queen.

A beautiful little area off York Street. Cute right?  I could almost live here.  Almost.

We made it!  Destination: tacos.

And you know I love my creative touches.  This place was oozing with it.  I wonder who painted these cool designs.  Anyone know?  Anyone?

See what I'm saying?  So colourful and fun!

We had to wait a few minutes for the place to open, hence all the photos of the entry way.  Ready for tacos!  Feed me now plz.

This place was probably the definition of "whole in the wall," but how cute is it?  So colourful and fun!  I felt right at home.

What would tacos really be without Dos Equis?  I don't always eat mexican food but when I do I drink Dos Equis.  Obviously that had to be said.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.... chicken tacos.  These were AMAZING!  I strongly urge you check out this place if you ever find yourself in Ottawa's downtown area.  Favourite details?  Fresh chopped tomato salsa, handmade flour tortillas, and a slice of avocado.  Num.

Well done, Ahora.  Well done.  Operation taco adventure was a success.

- Amy  xo

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  1. Ahora is fantastic, but the next time you are in the market another great taco place to check out is Corazon de Maiz. It's a small shop but with amazing home made tortillas (including blue corn tortillas). El Camino is still my favourite though.

    1. Thanks for the tip, Tanima! I still can't wait to try El Camino and am now intrigued with Corazon de Maiz. I sense that this taco quest will be become a blog mini series.