Boston Terrier Rescue Canada Adoption Awareness Day

Hello creatives!

If you know me, even a little bit, you'll know how much I love my animals.  ESPECIALLY my dogs.

Mickey (left) & Ben (right)
Ben came to us from a breeder four and a half years ago, and was our only "child" for a while until we noticed how terribly lonely poor Ben was.  He's the kind of dog that wants to play all day every day, and every day is the BEST DAY EVER!  No matter what we, as humans, tried to do to keep him busy and entertained, he was just lonely for another dog.  I scoured the pet rescue sights for months, waiting for just the right dog to show up and give me that "he's meant for us!" feeling.  Call me crazy, but it really did happen.  In March of 2011, I came across Mickey's adorable little mug on the Boston Terrier Rescue Canada website and it definitely clicked that he was our dog.  He was the right age, super cute (in a sort of homely kind of way, which I loved), and even more importantly, the right energy level.  I contacted BTRC, filled out the application, met Mickey, and the rest is history.  Mickey came home in April of 2011, and I can't even imagine our lives without him.

Today, BTRC held an adoption awareness day in Ottawa, which was very exciting because BTRC is Canada wide, so events in this area don't happen all the time.  We ventured out to take them a donation of Canadian Tire money that we've been collecting for a while, and for Mickey to say hello to his rescuers and show them how great he is doing.

On our way!  But first, a stop at Starbucks so "mommy" can have her shaken iced tea lemonade.

Nothing like feeling that summer breeze blowing through your lips!

We've arrived!

Look at all that BTRC swag.

And hats!  Isn't he just the most beautiful model for these fantastic dog hats from Hats Enough Creations?  Talk about creative!  

Volunteer applications...

Hang on... That stuffy looks an awful lot like me.  I'm skeptical of this small, inanimate dog.

Mickey greeting some of the BTRC people.  Thanks for saving me guys!

Such a happy face. :)  Mickey had such a great time with his BTRC friends....

Ahhhh... A happy dog, on his way home.

Mickey is a happy dog, in a happy home, but not all Boston Terriers are as lucky (and Mickey hasn't always been).  Please check out the Boston Terrier Rescue Canada's website and Facebook page to see what you can do to help sick, lost, and/or abandoned boston terriers.  Who knows, you might even find a new family member.  :)

Enjoy your weekend!

-  Amy   xo

Amy is a full-time photographer based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  You can check out her work here and here.

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  1. Thank you for such a beautiful blog and photos of our event in Kanata yesterday. Looks like Mikey is enjoying life in his forever home!

    1. Thanks Tina! It was a pleasure to be there and was especially wonderful to bring Mickey to see his BTRC friends. :)