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Today's post is our very first feature here at the Creative Wild, and I'm excited.  I'm excited because the feature is of one of my favourite creatives, Brodie O'Connor of doree's habit.  Doree's habit is an awesome little clothing boutique, located in Almonte and Merrickville (Ontario, Canada), and soon will be available on-line as well (don't worry, I'll keep you posted on that).  The owner of doree's habit, Brodie, is SUPER creative herself.  Not only does she curate a gorgeous collection of clothing (much of which is handmade in North America), but she co-designs a line of her own, Blondie Apparel.  The second you walk into one of the locations, it just oozes with creativity.  From the window displays to the fantastic chalkboard art (which Brodie does herself), the place is just packed full of fabulousness.  

On my last trip to doree's habit's Almonte location I took a few snaps.  Take a tour through this sweet little shop and see what I'm talking about.

I love the wood floors, wood checkout counter, and exposed brick wall with huge black and white canvases of Brodie's family.  

Racks upon racks of cute dresses, tops, skirts, jeans, and more.

A display on the checkout counter includes a vintage fan, a vintage book entitled "The Principles of Clothing Selection", gerber daisies (in doree's signature orange colour of course), and a photo of Brodie's grandmother, Doree, who was a fashionista and inspired Brodie's clothing shop venture.

Oh look, there's that doree's orange I was just talking about.  Along with a cute dress, uber crafty window displays (more on those to come), and petunia planters.  Oh, and a chalkboard that says "I wish I could illegally download clothes."  Yes.  Yes I do.

 Cutest. Window. Displays. Ever.  Very pretty, springy, and handmade by Brodie herself.

Colourful scrapbook raindrops?  Amazing.  I'm inspired.

Build-your-own bracelet?  Ok!  Last fall, after shooting a really awesome fashion editorial with Brodie (you can see it here), I treated myself to a brown leather wrap-around bracelet with a "let it be" metal accent (I love the Beatles).

Pretty dresses.

 And loads of scarves. I can't even tell you how many scarves I've bought at this place.  I may have a problem, actually.  All of these scarves are from Brodie's design and her Blondie Apparel collaboration.  I have one of the heart ones, and am just realizing that I don't have one of the ones in the front (which is made of bamboo, is reversible, and convertible into a cowl).  I must have one.

Heart tanks from the doree's habit label.  I have a navy on with white, grey, and lime green hearts.  I've already worn it this summer more than is even appropriate.

TOMS!  One of my faves.  I love love love TOMS.  I actually did a shoot with Brodie and some of her staff to celebrate the unboxing of a huge TOMS shipment last summer.  You can see it here.

Awesome little decor details really set of the vibe of the place.

Don't all these details make you want to visit doree's habit (if you haven't already)?  I highly encourage you to go there.  And buy lots.  And for the love of the all that is good and pure, follow doree's habit on Facebook.  She frequently posts sweet deals and runs contest (like the 40% off Schwiing clothing contests she has going on this week).

I hope you've found the feature on doree's habit to be an inspiring one!  It's inspired me to go buy one of those scarves.

Happy creating!

- Amy   xo

Amy is a full-time photographer based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  You can check out her work here and here

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