My life: Strawberry U-Pick

Hello creatives.

When I was a kid, my very favourite fruit was strawberries.  And one of my favourite summer activities was going to a strawberry farm and picking my own strawberries.  I can vividly remember going with my grandmother and my mother to a nearby berry farm with empty 4L ice cream containers just waiting to be filled with juicy, delicious strawberries.  We'd head out in into the fields, I'd eat my weight in strawberries, and my grandmother and mother would fill our containers.  We'd head home and make strawberry shortcake and enough strawberry jam to last us the whole year.  This is the first year as an adult that I've gone to a strawberry patch to pick my own strawberries and I'd completely forgotten how awesome and fun it is!  TJ and I went out for a pick on Sunday at a nearby strawberry farm, Beckwith Berries, and came home with 12 litres of strawberries!  And I didn't eat ONE at the strawberry field.  I sure ate my fill of them once I got home though.  Okay, once I got the car.

TJ, picking strawberries to his heart's content.  Wouldn't he make a cute farmer?

In pursuit of the perfect strawberry.

Other berry pickers.  I had imagined that it would be crowded there, being a Sunday and all, but there was so much room for everyone to spread out that it felt like we were on our own.

One my way to a full container.  It was at this point that I realize lugging around a big camera and lens was not ideal when berry picking.  Back to the car it went.

Two of three containers full of heavenly deliciousness.

My favourite part of strawberry picking - eating them! :)

With this batch of berries, I made strawberry shortcake, froze three bags, and made homemade freezer jam.  I've never made jam before and always thought it was way more complicated than my limited culinary skills could handle, but I was SO wrong.  Blog post of my super easy venture into the world of homemade jam coming up on the blog soon.

Happy creating!

-  Amy  xo

Amy is a full-time photographer based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  You can check out her work here and here.

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