5 Halloween Inspired Etsy Picks

Two days!!  Two days until I can eat Halloween candy without guilt because I "accidentally" bought too much.  Two days until hoards of children dressed as Elsa and Olaf come to my door in all of their cuteness.  I'm stoked.

In celebration of this spooky, creepy, awesome holday, I've selected 5 of my favourites Halloween inspired Etsy picks.

1.  Victorian-Gothic Inspired Bat Headband  http://etsy.me/1tMLxIO

2.  "Cereal Killer" Hand-stamped Spoon  http://etsy.me/1zJASC2 

3.  Black Paper Circle Garland   http://etsy.me/1rA9cp2

4.  Black Felted Witch's Hat   http://etsy.me/1zJMrZT

5.  Witch Stockings and Ruby Slippers "Bootlets"   http://etsy.me/102yg1u

Happy Halloween!

- Amy  xo

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