The Creative Wild Re-Boot

Hello creatives!

We've had a makeover!  Do you like?  I like.

Okay, so I know I've been a big loser when it comes to updated my blog.  As I mentioned in my last post, I was super busy with client work, which needs to take precedent over TCW.  Whatevs.  I don't like it when I see other bloggers do that, so I'm sorry.  The good news - I'm BACK!  I've gotten all of my weddings from the season edited and delivered, and am wrapping up fall family photo sessions as we speak.  Leaving me MUCH more time for blogging my face off.

Here's what up.  While I still will blog about myself and my creative life from time to time, I'm going to focusing more on featuring other creatives and their amazing work.  In the photography world their are loads of opportunity to submit your work to blogs and whatnot to get featured.  It's fun!  You feel special, get to put a "Press" section on your website (which reminds, I should get on that), and more people see and hear about your work.  I hope to serve the purpose for creatives from all over.  So, if you are, or know someone who is, a gifted creatives who makes pretty/cool/fun/interesting things, PUH-LEESE let me know.  I want to know about you.  You can be from anywhere.  This shiz is going world-wide.

Happy creating, friends!  You'll be hearing from me soon! :)

- Amy  xo

Here is a pic of my dog, Mickey, in a pumpkin hat.  You're welcome.

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  1. I'm just as bad as you! As I get busier, I find it difficult to find the time to set aside to write properly. As I get things more organized and streamlined with Digital Dr, I'm hoping I can find the time to dedicate to writing more ;)

    1. Awesome, Ken! I hear ya. I need to have a (more or less) focused mind to blog. If I have loads of editing to do for clients, I just can't focus on writing. Cheers to streamlining the business to allowing more time for blogging! :)

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