Handmade for the Holidays Challenge

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Hello creatives.

Happy Saturday!  It's November!  I love Halloween, but just like the Lifetime channel on TV that's airing Christmas movies all day today, my mind is now fully on the holidays.  Last year I already had about half of my Christmas shopping done by now, but this year I've been a complete slacker and I haven't even started.  But that's okay.  And here's why.

I am committing, right here and now in front of you all, to a completely handmade Christmas gift-giving.  Just to be clear, this doesn't mean I'll be making the gifts myself.  Not unless all of my family members want photographs in different forms. Which they don't.  So I'll be buying all the gifts for this holiday season from an indie crafter or artisan.  Instead of lining the pockets of the already-rich-and-ethically-questionable Walmart, I'll be buying all of my gifts from local shops, craft fairs, Etsy, Brika, and so on.  All of this is in an effort to support small business, those why work hard at their craft, and who's sales profit go directly to feeding their children or pets.  It's guilt-free shopping, friends!  Following along in my handmade shopping journey via my Instagram page, where I'll be 'gramming (totally legit word) from craft fairs and shopping local days.

So who's with me?  I'm extending the challenge to you.  Declare it right here, right now!  Committing to a 100% handmade Christmas list is comendable, but any amount of handmade/support local gift giving you do is admirable.  Spread the word, share the movement, and SUPPORT HANDMADE this holiday season!


- Amy  xo

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