Rest, relax, and recharge

Hey all!

Hope you've enjoyed an incredibly beautiful weekend.  It's now Monday, and for some that sucks.  When you're a full-time creative (for me at least), each day is like the next and I often forget what day of the week it even it.  For me, I work both always and never.  Meaning that while I work most everyday, it never feels like work because I love it that much.  I would love it if everyone could live that way and no one ever had "Mondays."

But whileI work most days, I cannot stress enough how important is to to take days here and there to rest, relax, and recharge.  Do something for yourself!  Spend time with people who you love, talk your dog for a walk, go to the gym, find a patio where you can grab a beer, whatever!  I have done all of those today except go to the gym. Cause seriously, it's Sunday.  C'mon.  Who does that.

Yesterday I spent the day shooting an incredibly beautiful and amazing wedding (and I can't wait to share it), but no matter how fun and beautiful weddings are, they are definitely draining.  Worth every moment, but tiring nonetheless.  Everyone should prioritize that time of R&R, no matter what you do.

Sunday afternoon I spent time down by the river with my husband (TJ), and dogs (Ben & Mickey).  Check out my afternoon of R&R.

We went to the river that runs through our town (called the Mississippi River - but not THE Mississippi River), along this cute series of trails through the woods.  Or rather, through the swamp as it is right now.  Most of the trails are blocked off do to flooding and the super wet (and crappy) spring we had.  But that's all behind us not, and I'm not bitter.  Just grateful it's over.

TJ and golden crazy.  Ok, Ben is actually a golden doodle, but he's a bit crazy too.  Energy level = extreme.  Love for life = through the roof.

Me walking the little bean.  Mickey is also crazy, but it an "I was raised the by streets and I don't take sh*t off no one" kind of way.  He was a rescue from Boston Terrier Rescue Canada and was found as a puppy, abandoned and starving on the streets.  Sad story, I don't want to talk about, I'll become a sobby mess.  Needless to say he lives a life of luxury now, complete with sleeping under his very own comforter (two in the winter).

It takes Mickey a while to warm up to the water, while Ben was practically vibrating to get in river.  And sticks!  The river is even better with sticks.

Once Mickey gets in the water, he swims around with Ben, mostly trying to piss him off and bite his ears.  But Ben can swim forever, and Mickey only lasts about 30 seconds at a time,  so Ben gets a break from his punk little brother every now and then.

Shake it off.  And for the love of god stand back unless you want to smell like river water for the rest of the day.

Beautiful day for a stand-up paddle.  Confession time, I didn't know what this was called.  I had to google it.  But I'm sure if I ever tried it, I'd have to call it fell-off-again paddle.

The forest SO beautiful.  After such a long winter, I am so happy to finally see leaves on the trees.

Canadian Geese!  They might poop everywhere, but they sure are cute.  Last weekend I encountered a woman in the park who told me that Canadian Geese mate for life and that both the mother and father raise the goslings together.  Here they are, the happy family out for a little swim.  Double confession:  I had to google "gosling" to make sure that was right.  And I was pretty scared of the geese once they got up on shore.  Those things are vicious.

The beautiful Mississippi River.  I feel so lucky to live here. :)

You can check out more of my day on my Instagram page!

Happy Monday all you creatives. :)

- Amy  xo

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